Stay Above the Fray #7 - Connect on the Cheap

Stay Above the Fray #7 - Connect on the Cheap

Visibility doesn’t have to be costly.

1. Volunteer (see Tip #6 from last week) and provide updates on your favorite organization’s fundraising events and accomplishments. Engage your audience with some “feel good” community news.

2. Research a fun “national day” and think out of the box as to how you can celebrate it. Be it National Banana Split Day or Bring Your Pet to Work Day, pick one that resonates with you and make it fun. Offer free doughnuts on Doughnut Day or drop off a goodie bag with plastic sunglasses and sunscreen to favorite clients to celebrate the first day of summer. Make it memorable.

3. On social media, make sure you are engaging with others, not just posting your own stuff. Like, share, and comment on posts to raise your level of engagement. Give shout-outs to other businesses on social media and make sure you tag them to connect with them.

4. Join social media groups or create your own around your particular profession or theme. Offer your own contributions and position yourself as an expert in your field. Connect with other groups such as alumni, industry groups, etc.

5. Create an online contest, come up with a prize, and create hype online. It’s an easy way to promote yourself.

6. Do you have business listings on Yelp and Google? They’re free, and you should. The Google for Business listing and Google reviews are the first thing that comes up with a Google search. Remember you can also post within your Google business account.

7. Create that blog content for your website and amplify it on social media.

As always, contact Finish Line Marketing for any additional help you may need to Stay Above the Fray!