Be Memorable

Be Memorable

During these unprecedented times, emails that focus solely on a sales pitch ring hollow to their recipients. They just aren’t relevant. The time is now to affirm your business relationships with concern, kindness, and meaning so that your contacts and colleagues remember you when the economy moves forward. Here are 5 ideas:

1. Call or email to check on your dedicated and loyal clients. Just check in! See how they are doing and offer to help (not sell!) in any way possible. People remember kind and self-less gestures.

2. What can you do to help outside of your business world? Connect with a community group, non-profit or organization that is working with a local hospital, food bank, or health care system to contribute, either financially or through volunteerism. Use social media to amplify the cause and invite your contacts to join in. Meaningful contributions to “Go Fund Me” count also. Why not support the staff at your favorite restaurant? It won’t go unappreciated or unnoticed!

3. Communicate with your clients and audience via social media or e-blasts to provide information on how you are continuing to do business during this crisis. How can they best reach you? Are you booking appointments into the future with the intent of confirming or rescheduling if necessary? Are you offering deals on gift cards? Include information about how you are continuing to serve your clients, your sanitizing procedures, and updates on retaining/assisting your staff.

4. Did you come across something helpful, funny, uplifting on social media? Share it!

5. Give other local businesses a “shout out!” You’re not in this alone; mention their great service or their conscientious curbside delivery. Compliment a business that went out of their way for you. Be reciprocal and share each other’s good news via conversation, email or social media.

We have a lot of stuff and fluff floating over the internet—now more than ever...BE MEMORABLE!